FIIP’s Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) has focused on the core objective for building an ecosystem for women across India to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, scale-up innovative initiatives, and chalk-out sustainable, long-term strategies for their businesses.

Karma Shakti: Hands-on, practical support in establishing and expanding a business idea. 

Gyaan Shakti: Providing knowledge and a supportive ecosystem to encourage women’s entrepreneurship. 

Iccha Shakti: Motivation for aspiring women entrepreneurs to launch their own business.


WEP aims to lead Women entrepreneurs for getting industry collaborations, mentoring and peer-to-peer connections through networking. This platform aspires to substantially increase the number of women entrepreneurs who will create and empower an Atmanirbhar Nari. WEP will,

  • Motivates women entrepreneurs to start their enterprise and provide knowledge and ecosystem support to women entrepreneurs to help them foster entrepreneurship. 
  • Will provide hands-on support to women entrepreneurs in setting-up and scaling up businesses.
  • It will further incline for a more informative, interactive website to act as a dedicated resource and knowledge base.
  • Aims to address the bottlenecks faced by both aspiring and established women entrepreneurs by streamlining information across government and private sector schemes and initiatives.

WEP is going to operate with a broader framework of industry collaborations and partnerships, by providing unique services such as credit evaluation of women-led start-ups by CRISIL and potential equity investments through an INR 10 Crore fund established by DICE Districts. WEP opens up avenues of growth and opportunity for women entrepreneurs.

WEP is providing digital and financial literacy to aspiring women entrepreneurs and intended to lead corporates and industry bodies viz. NASSCOM, CII, FICCI, SIDBI. WEP has partnered with social media to provide business acceleration, mentorship and other start-up support for women entrepreneurs, details of which can be accessed easily. 

FIIP has been designed as a holistic Women Enterprise Support System, which works with grassroots women-run enterprises across sectors, geographies, and any stage of business growth. The approach undertaken is in-depth business support integrated with mobilising and social protection. Women entrepreneurs are suggested to visit for more information about the platform, its vision, mission and initiatives.