FIIP Core Objectives

  • Facilitating Training, Learning, Networking and Handhold Mentoring.
  • Collaborating with various Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, Industrial Associations, Professional Associations, Business & Social Groups across the country and globe.
  • Encouraging partnership, collaboration, and investment in various businesses.
  • Initiating and interacting with industry and government agencies for policy making, policy change and policy recommendation.
  • Organizing webinars, seminars, workshops, conferences, summits and exhibitions for sustainable business growth.
  • Promoting Health, life-Social, Environmental activities for social upliftment

FIIP is committed in building nation through helping, Entrepreneurs, Industries, Professionals, Educationists, Researchers & Scientists, Socialists, Environmentalists and Agriculturists. 

Let’s Join with the vibrant platform of FIIP to bring success in yourself professionally, economically, socially for building the nation with the motto “Unite Together. Succeed Together.” and contribute to “Atmanirbhar Bharat”

FIIP Core Values

  • Future Force: We believe in the limitless potential of people and choose to invest voluntarily in them as the key to a brighter future for our communities and our world.
  • Innovation: We innovate in our approach in response to the needs of the businesses & future generations we work with and the community we are part of.
  • Impact: We make a difference. We focus on results that matter to non-profit leaders, organizations, and networks, the sectors, and ultimately society.
  • Promote Networking: We provide a platform for networking and consensus building within and across all kinds of sectors.