Making connections is only half of the battle; you also must take steps to keep the relationship going live and continued one even if you aren’t currently connected with your desired stakeholders. The Business Spot is the platform to get connected and reach out to your contacts instantly. You could get a relevant stakeholder to invite them to understand, promote and refer business.

You can get access to connect new members, so the benefit of membership would be on the higher side where you save your time and generate the desired business opportunities.

Here you can access it remotely, so the mode of meeting is an online platform. Here you get quality time to have one-on-one meetings as you meet once in a month. You can easily access this page via FIIP’s various social media platforms.

Furthermore, to add value to your personality and business, FIIP has voluntarily started various awareness programmes with no cost to each member. Where does each businessperson go to expand their knowledge? We have an Industrial Awareness Program where the experts who are versatile in their domain in various industries provide free training, conferences, and conclave assessments, which are available on this Business Spot platform.


To get the right mentoring, FIIP has launched one-to-one business mentoring programmes with an affordable investment

Our Business Spot Features –


  • Easy access to create friendship with Industrial and professional people and developing Business Collaborations. 
  • Business referral is highly authentic where the sharing is easily available for Business Growth Opportunity.
  • Participations in business conclaves to generate unique business ideas and Collaboration.
  • Notifications for our weekly programs and webinars of FIIP like Industry Insights & NavUrja programs
  • The Distribution channels are Developed with right resources to access further effective business development.

Ultimate aim of FIIP is to unite all Businessmen, Entrepreneurs & Professionals together and succeed together and contribute in nation building and Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Any Businessman, Entrepreneur or Professional who is aspiring to progress in his occupation or profession and wants grow can become a ‘Business Spot Member’. To become a member, click on the link ‘’ or you can visit ‘Become a Member’ section of this website.