A digital business is amazing and very quickly, technology has evolved in almost every field and made an impact on the world. Researchers suggest from their analysis that technology has reached into every industry sector of the economy. Technology today is no longer seen as a facilitator of everyday business practices. Data has now become the heart of every business strategy, and data can be used by businesses to produce, store, and analyse relevant information in order to achieve a competitive advantage over their peers.


Digital business, as it relates to business technology, offers companies and individuals new ways to connect, collaborate, conduct business, and build bridges between people. It impacts the basis of business functionality and determines the way business is managed today. Social business developments will continue to evolve and advance into the future. There is no denying businesses need to evolve to tackle the changing business landscape. The future of business software is digital business.


The market has connected with modern technology and each stakeholder gets information about what is happening, whether it is market awareness or business understanding through a digital dimension. Technology, from the beginning, serves to guide cross-functional teams of business leaders and tech engineers to address the needs of the consumer. Once these foundations are laid, as with any business, these consumer demands need to be monitored and cared for the duration of the business lifespan. From a technological angle, digital businesses include one or more software platforms, leveraging the best technology available to suit the company’s individual needs.


The use of technology in regards to innovation can only serve businesses to continuously improve their performance by accelerating business activities, processes, competencies, and models. This is the way of the future. Digital business is still in its infancy and has immense room for growth and advancement.


Federation of Indian Industry & Professionals (FIIP) Digital Business programme would be the most pertinent and innovative master class organization addressing the challenges facing business professionals today. FIIP will assist businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals in following spectrum of Digital technology.


  • Play the role of a facilitator to support digital start-up techniques .
  • Help in transformation of a company or organization into digitization.
  • With collaborative team and organizations on the platform, FIIP will help in installing & establishing hardware and software systems
  • Lead each stakeholder to develop real-world skills and specific knowledge that will increase their visibility in Social Media.
  • Enable stakeholders in Digital Marketing from conceiving ideas-developing strategies-hosting marketing activities on various social media platforms.


FIIP encourages all its members to take benefits of this platform to fullest. If you are not a FIIP member, do connect to us and become a member of ‘Business Network’ or ‘Business Spot’ Platforms. You may click on the links ‘https://fiip.in/u/bnp’ (for Business Network) or https://fiip.in/u/bsp’ (for Business Spot) to processing your enrolment. You can also visit ‘Become a Member’ section of this website for enrolling your membership.