The essence of coaching is to help a person to change in the way they wish and to help them go in the right direction. Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be. Coaching builds awareness, empowers and leads to change.

The main outcome of coaching is, 

  • To maximise performance by helping a client reach their peak potential. 
  • To develop leadership, create self-discipline, build a self-belief system, create motivation, and improve self-awareness.
  • To create effective and efficient Leadership.
  • Improve Morale of individuals and team.
  • Coaching will directly impact productivity and the ultimate success of a team or company/Organization.

FIIP has concentrated on providing general coaching services to aspiring business leaders, entrepreneurs, and businessmen & women. FIIP has pool of talent with vast and rich experience and exposure in various domains that can do justice to all kind of stakeholders seeking coaching. FIIP will focus on, 

  • To heighten self-awareness for growth and learning 
  • To build better management skills and support.
  • To provide skill sets to improve productivity.
  • To increased confidence through facilitation for overall development

Anybody who would want take benefits of our Coaching services for their overall personal or professional growth, contact us or send your request by filling up Coaching Form available on this website. If you are not a FIIP member, we strongly recommend to become a member. Do connect to us and become a member of Business Network (’) OR Business Spot ( Platforms. You can also visit Become a Member section of this website for enrolling your membership.