FIIP has observed the gap in the area of social life, personal life, health perspective issues, environment,  and lacunas of women values which needed to be addressed independently by various awakening programs and practical applications to irradicate unwanted elements affecting as mentioned. 

FIIP has the pool of talent and versatile experts from each domain to do justice to these issues and lead society towards quality health and harmony. With this thought FIIP has extended as a harbinger through NavUrja Platform, where it is going to address the issues through series of programs providing practical & workable solutions for mankind in the country and globe. 

NavUrja Platform will mainly focus on the following categories, 

  • Life and Social
  • Health
  • Environment

Each of these categories will have various topics which will organised through online. Following are few examples of topics in each category.

  • Life and Social:
  • Child Education & Parenting, 
  • Childhood Obesity, 
  • Gender Inequality, 
  • Civil Rights and Racial Discrimination and many more such issues….

  • Health:
  • How to maintain health in monsoon, 
  • Ayurveda and Lifestyle, 
  • Diabetes a Bitter Truth, 
  • Arthritis and Pain Management and many more such issues….

  • Environment: 
  • Green Energy, 
  • Energy Conservation, 
  • Rainwater Harvesting,
  • Bio Medical Waste Management and many more such issues

While other platforms of FIIP like Business Networking & Business Spot bring businessmen, entrepreneurs & professionals together and Industry Insights help them in grooming, developing, enhancing their business knowledge & skills which in turn will lead to business growth enable individuals to contribute in economy of the nation, NavUrja will help each one of them in inducing energy, maintaining health, leading healthy social life and inculcate environment orientation.